What has a return storage to do with implementing strategy?

Often we ask ourselfs what can we do to implement a strategy. We don't know what exactly is expected from us. Do you know this dilema or conflict?

For me as a person or as a leader I often asked myself the same question. These are only two sides of the same coin.

  • What exactly is expected from me
  • What should I change in my daily work
  • What can I show as a role model what should be changed
  • What should I tell people how they should change to meet better (my) expectations

To be honest it is hard to tell. I am just thinking a lot about the lean strategy for my current job. I am juggling ideas in my head and thought about a lot of conversations and events in the last week. Additional I set me a sktechnote challenge (#100DaysOfArt) and started to scribble down the following picture. 

I have some more in my mind and most likely I will put them down. On the other side I am currious what events have other people in their mind if the think about habits to change? It doesn't matter if there isn't always a reference to the lean methodoligy. It can be something simple like eating less sweets during the day or smoking one cigarette less.

That's the reason why I created a simple template (see the last picture and print it out) where everyone can sketch down their habits to change. 
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Just start, to give the avatar a (femal, male, ...) face and body with clothes you like. Perhaps also something in their hands if necessary.
Then write down on the left side what would be the comon reaction and on the right side what is the change you imagine. 

If you post it, let me know. I would love to see your creations.