Can learning be fun?

When I look at these dwarfs I alsways smile. I hope that many people feel the same way when looking at this picture. This feeling while looking at the picture motivates me again and again to take the pen in my hand and draw.

For me it is a great pleasure to bring a picture in my head to paper. It's like when my loved one carpents something together with hammer, nails and much more and the beaming faces of the family give him the feeling that he has finished something great.

Do I feel it is always perfect. No! Every time I struggle with a line or a detail, as I am my own biggest critic, but in the end I am happy to have done it again. 

Sometimes it helps me to face new challenges, like #Viztober. For each day in October is a term, which has to be drawn. Together with others, several interpretations of the same term are created every day and your own picture is a small contribution to the whole. You get likes and you have the chance to see the interpretaions of others. It is like a gift that you can unwrap every day. The pictures of the others suprises me often and gives me new, creative input.

I like to learn this way. That's fun and learning the same time.

To sketch together with others in a training is quite similar for me because the participants try out what is within them. I support them with the lines, curves and dots and afterwards everyone shines and can proudly look at their own work. I shine with them in the end because the greates present is to look in their happy faces.

Therefore today I want to share some of my sketches I did during #Viztober.